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Oil and Gas Insurance

OilfieldStover And Crouch Insurance Agency, Inc. specializes in customized oil and gas insurance solutions for the Texas energy industry. Whether you are conducting well evaluations, or managing large-scale drilling operations, companies in the energy sector face a variety of risks. With over 57 years of industry experience, we understand the many potential risks you may face as an oil or gas company.   Our experienced agents can tailor coverage to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring you are protected.


Service Contractors (including but not limited to)

•  Drillers, Workover, Perforation, Swabbing, Acidizing, Wireline, Cementing, Casing Installation

•  Roustabouts, Painting, Sandblasting, Cleaning, Site Preparation, Pressure Washing, Equipment Maintenance

•  Pumpers, Gaugers, Welding

•  Pipeline Construction, Pipe Testing, Laying of lines

•  Contractors performing light non-essential service work in refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants

Lease Operators & Non-Operators

•  Oil and Gas Well Operators

•  Royalty Interest

•  Non-operating working interest (NOWI)

Manufacturing & Distributors

•  Products used in the oilfield including drill bits, drilling rigs, compressors, pipes, pumps, tanks, valves

•  Rental Equipment


•  Primarily those who observe operations in the oilfield and report back to their clients with recommendations

•  Geophysical, Drilling, Completion



General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is crucial when it comes to protecting a business against damage or injury to others. General liability insurance in the Texas oil and gas industry is typically classified as either on-shore or off-shore depending on specific business operations. Even though there are unique classifications, coverage under each is similar. The type of policy needed will depend on the location of your business operations. General liability insurance typically covers bodily injury and property damage, personal injury, and medical expenses.

Pollution Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy generally does not cover costs related to pollution resulting from spills, explosions, and other catastrophic events. In the oil and gas industry, the risk of these events is quite high. Pollution and environmental liability insurance is vital to protecting your business from potentially devastating events.

•  Limits of $250,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000 available

•  Saltwater disposal wells and sediment ponds are included

•  Time Element:  Option to increase the standard discovery/reporting days from 7/30 is available


Control of Well Insurance

Control of Well Insurance covers the expenses needed to gain control of a well after a blow-out. Covered costs and expenses can include containment and clean-up of pollution, re-drilling a well to its previous depth, restoration of a well, evacuation expenses and more. Additional liability expenses associated with injury or damage to third parties resulting from a blow-out may also be covered.

Rig and Equipment Coverage

Production can come to a halt when there is damage to an oil or gas rig, or the equipment needed to operate them. Rig and Equipment coverage will help to replace or repair damaged rigs and equipment after a catastrophic event. This type of coverage is available for both onshore and offshore rigs and platforms.

Excess Liability Insurance

Standard liability policies may not cover all of the unique risks that Texas oil and gas companies are exposed to. Coverage that goes above and beyond what is offered in these standard liability policies is available through Excess Liability or Umbrella policies. Our experienced oil and gas experts can help to design a policy that covers these numerous risks.

Texas Oil and Gas Insurance is available for:

  • Operators
  • Non-Operators
  • Perforators
  • Pipeline contractors
  • Oil field electricians
  • Service Contractors
  • Equipment rental
  • Roustabouts
  • And more

At Stover And Crouch Insurance Agency, Inc., we work closely with Texas oil and gas companies throughout Madisonville, College Station, Huntsville, and The Woodlands to offer comprehensive insurance solutions for the energy sector. For more information on our oil and gas insurance products and services, contact us today.

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